Massage restores and balances the whole person…………………………..mind, body and spirit.


How does stress affect you?
* Do you have recurrent headaches? Low energy? Are you anxious or depressed?
* Do you sleep poorly?
* Do you have chronic neck, back or hip pain?* Is your life hectic and draining?
* When you exercise, do you end up crampy and stiff?
* Are you tense and tight all over?

The key to this whole picture is your nervous system, which regulates just about everything the body does. By its profound effect on the function of this system, massage therapy (a partial list) :

  • enhances energy production.
  • improves digestion and elimination.
  • lowers blood pressure and facilitates venous blood flow, and lymph flow, thus speeding up toxin release from tissue spaces.
  • restores muscle length and improves flexibility.
  • promotes overall relaxation and well-being.
  • speeds up tissue repair.Misc-Stacked-Rocks

If you’ve never received a massage, this is the time to take advantage of this great healing modality.

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