Valuable Resources:


Washington Center for Consciousness Studies
– this is a center run by Rudy and Sharon Bauer in Washington DC where I have learned to meditate and practice living in the field of awareness. The Bauers teach many approaches to meditation and maintain their center for individuals who are passionate about healing.

The Zone
– Dr. Barry Sears is the originator of the Zone diet, and a teacher/researcher who has shown me the importance of “hormonal eating”. Want to learn about eicosanoids?

– my professional association, the American Massage Therapy Association, which has brought this field into the “mainstream” from its tiny beginnings in 1943. Their site contains a wealth of information about massage for fitness and health maintenance.

– the World Health Association’s fracture risk assessment tool, which anyone can use to determine their risk of hip fracture, etc.

Ask A Patient
– a wonderful site where consumers rate their prescription medications, listing side-effects, relative benefit and overall satisfaction.

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