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The Psoas Muscle and the Integrity of the Torso:

Fully 60% of unresolved chronic back pain is due to one or two muscles.
The primary culprit, as I see it, is the psoas muscle, pronounced “so-as” (the p is silent). This is possibly the most powerful muscle in the whole body, and that’s because of its size and its location. Read more…

Self-Help for this distressing illness:
Shingles – Do’s and Don’ts

Why All the Fuss about Magnesium?

by Lyne M. Seppala, N.D., M. H.

The more processed food a person consumes, the more magnesium depleted he is. High intake of fat, sugar, sodium, phosphate, and even calcium supplementation further depletes our magnesium levels. Stress increases the body’s need for magnesium. Magnesium blocks the action of the stress hormone adrenalin. It calms people with anxiety. Exercise also increases the body’s need for magnesium.
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  • How Muscles Work
  • Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Active Assisted Stretching Technique
  • What is PNF? How does it work?

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