Breathe and Live Better Longer!

How a person breathes is a real determinant of their overall health and longevity.

Without the habitual use of the diaphragm muscle, located just below the lungs, a person will be left with a dysfunctional shallow breath, which disturbes the natural body chemistry and will eventually lead to cardiovascular, digestive, neurological and/or musculo-skeletal problems. If you subscribe to the idea that stress causes disease, here is dynamic:

The fight or flight response, which activates the “sympathetic” nervous system, is the body’s emergency response system, and is designed to power up the body to escape danger. It cannot be left in place for long, however. If shallow rapid overbreathing becomes habitual, the balance of gases in the lungs, CO2 and oxygen, is thrown off, resulting in what is called “respiratory alkalinity”. This then causes a chain reaction throughout the body, depriving it of its nurturance and maintainence capabilities. Basically, an oxygen deprivation occurs, which is body-wide.

Over time, such disturbances as heart arrhythmias, muscle twitching and spasming, “restless leg” syndrome, allergies, chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and even heart failure can develop.

Something so simple and so easy to detect and reverse. How can this be true? Well, the evidence is there. I am not a biochemist, but I have seen this dynamic in many cases, in my personal and professional life. I am thrilled to be able to share it with you, and will be happy to assess your breathing pattern and coach you in proper breathing if you need it.

I am grateful to my teacher, Dr Leon Chaitow, for this understanding. He has observed in his patients (as have I) that most habits can be retrained with only 30 days of deliberate practice, amounting to only 5 minutes am and pm.

This is great news. It’s another way that our overall well-being is close at hand and ours to achieve.

If you need further documentation or references on this vital topic, please call or email or book a session with me.

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