Frequently Asked Questions

Is massage for everybody?

Everyone can benefit from this ancient and natural healing modality. The therapist prepares the client at the first session to become receptive to the touch. People who have been victims of violence and neglect can also be helped tremendously. Touch is natural, and this therapeutic application is adaptable to a wide variety of personal situations and needs.

What are your hours of operation and your fees?

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Where are you located?

My home office is walking distance from I 66 and the East Falls Church metro station on the orange line. Parking is not an issue.

What can I expect from my first session?

After a brief intake with health history and goals established, the client will disrobe in private and will be covered with a sheet (and blanket if necessary). The treatment room is kept comfortably warm to ensure full relaxation. It is not necessary to be nude, as the therapist can easily work through clothing.

Will the massage hurt?

Most people will find the massage pleasurable, but there are times when due to build up of toxins in the muscles and connective tissue, the treatment can be uncomfortable. The therapist adjusts the pressure to an appropriate level.

What should I wear?

Most people wear casual clothing like sweats or jeans and t-shirt because there could be residual lotion left after the session, but if it is necessary to come in business attire, an accommodation can be made. Massage cream is often not needed for effective work.

Do you see children and people with special needs?

I have massaged infants and elders, hearing impaired, brain-damaged and very weak individuals in cancer treatment, as well as athletes in top form. Massage is highly adaptable to the individual.

What conditions is massage contraindicated for?

If a person has a fever or an outbreak of poison ivy, it is best to reschedule the session. The common cold is not a concern. Pregnant women and those with heart/lung conditions ought to get clearance from their physician first.

Can I get insurance reimbursement for your treatments?

I provide receipts for payment which the individual may submit to their insurance provider, but except for workman’s comp and auto insurance coverage, most plans will not cover massage therapy at this time.

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